Our precious serums crafted with rare and enlightened botanical oils... poured into 1.6 violet glass treatment pumps -High vibe and consciously made-
We offer three different serums:


Sacred Lotus Jasmine
Golden Everlasting


About Illume
Intended to be a deeply nourishing and restorative serum with amber resin and rose. A sultry combination of botanicals wise in the way of skin nourishment. Used throughout the world for skin elasticity, circulation and cleansing. A full sensory, illuminating experience for all skin types. Ingredients: organic baobab, jojoba and sunflower oils, baltic amber resin, rose otto, rose geranium essential oil.
Massage into face and neck nightly.
About Sacred Lotus Jasmine
Experience an immersion of exotic flora. intended to purify and moisturize, deeply and lovingly. With Pink Lotus, also known as Sacred Lotus, allow this treatment to caress all your senses. Let this serum create a cocoon of precious aroma and self care around you, best used twice weekly.
Ingredients: organic baobab, jojoba and sunflower oils, jasmine absolute, pink lotus absolute.
About Golden Everlasting
Long cherished, immortelle or everlasting oil as it's known by, comes from the Helichrysum plant used through history for skin rejuvenation by way of cell regeneration. A full sensory experience of skin loving. Massage several drops into face and neck, for the opulent, drizzle in bath.
Ingredients: organic baobab, jojoba and sunflower oils, organic french helichrysum absolute.


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